Do not think that he rarely shows affection meaning that hes heartless. In fact, there are many things a guy wants his girl to do but he will never say it out.

1. The first and the most important thing he wants is you to read the whole article. He loves a girl who spends time on getting to know what he likes.

2. Always show him certain admiration at certain times.

3. Know when the certain times are.

4. Know completely his strengths and weaknesses. Appreciate his strengths and accept his weaknesses.

5. Never complain when he suddenly ask for something worth complaining. Everything has its reason.

6. When he is reading, do not cover his current page. Guys hate being disturbed when they are concentrating.

7. The same thing when he is playing games. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman got divorced just because Kidman fronted his PS3.

8. When sitting at a cafe, if he does not know the coffee is there already, help him stir it. This action is highly appreciated especially when his friends are around.

9. By the way, know what he likes and help him order it.

10. But if you dont know, do not pretend that you know. Guys hate know-it-all girls.

11. Hold him when driving on a bike, not in a car.

12. If he is talking something, try to listen, dont look around.

13. The same thing when he sings. Do not change the song. You are encouraged to sing it with the same tune.

14. If he does not know the road, try to gently guide him, dont yell at him. Basically, guys hate following imperative sentences.

15. Put your hands in his pockets. It always makes you both feel warm.

16. Bring with you billions of odd things such as hand lotions, phone charger, or wet tissues. Careful girls are always appreciated.

17. When you intend to listen to music, always share him a ear phone, and try to choose ones that both can enjoy.

18. Suddenly kiss him.

19. Suddenly hug him.

20. In general, show him affection unexpectedly, in appropriate time and place.

21. When hanging out with his friends, dont play aloof. One of things girls should know well that guys consider letting his girlfriend hang out with his own friends one of the top important things. Do not overlook it. Again, dont be indifferent to his friends!

22. Do not complain about his female friends either. Come on, you have plenty of male friends. This should be fair for both.

23. Dont look at the time when hanging out with him. Dont use your phone too much around him. It makes him feel like hes not attractive enough for you.

24. Dont talk about other guys more than once per day.

25. Let him know that he might not be the whole world to you, but loving him is one of the greatest things for you.

26. Sometimes, write something down on paper. Keeping those things is really encouraging.

27. Accept his ex(es) as the part. Do not criticize or complain.

28. Do not complain about his fashion taste.

29. The same with his hair style. 90% guys have been complained about their hair by their mothers since a kid, and they have got enough of it already.

30. Dont laugh when hes serious and do not cry when he tells a joke.

31. Write You with a capital Y when texting or email him.

32. Remember his parents or family members birthdays.

33. Send him some unexpected gifts.

34. Hold his hand at the front of your friend who he just meets for the first time.

35. Introduce him seriously as your boyfriend to your friends. Seriously, no laughing, no kidding.

36. Dont ask him to do things that are out of his reach.

37. Cook for him at least once per week.

38. Iron clothes without burning them. The same with toast.

39. Dont laugh at him if he cant swim or eat seafood. No one is perfect. Instead of forcing him to do something, try to choose things you know he is best at.

40. Plan to do something together. And implement it well. Youre better at planning.

41. Dont wake him up too early because he had reasons to go to bed late.

42. Have a nice day! sounds better than Good night! Dont ask why!

43. Dont ask him to have the same hobbies as yours, like watching dramas or going shopping. He will do it himself if he finds it necessary.

44. Hold his hand in the theatre, but dont talk much. Again, remember that guys hate being disturbed while concentrating.

45. Call his mom mom, instead of your mom.

46. Fold his blanket when youre there. Even when guys are famous for being lazy, they still love seeing tidy things.

47. Dont ask him whether he loves you or not, tell him you love him and he will know how to show his affection.

48. Learn how to compromise and accept his compromise. Both are equally important.

49. Dont look down on his mementos because guys only keep things when they are important to them.

50. Dont act like a mom, no matter your mom or his mom.

51. And dont tell him that hes like your dad.

52. Avoid asking things that you know will cause hurt. Truth is not necessarily more important than love, but of course there should be no lies. But those two things are completely different.

53. Express your feelings in a confidential manner. When he finds it out, he will love it.

54. Be strong and know when to be vulnerable. There is nothing wrong to ask for a piggyback on a beach, but not in a mall.

55. Dont cry when there are not only us, he will feel really bad and has no clue how to comfort you.

56. Actions always speak louder than words. Therefore, a goodbye kiss is more appreciated than saying Take care!

57. Dont ever compare. Taboo. Eternal taboo.

58. No need to be too faithful but dont go over the limit. There is a bar not to step over, it does not glow so watch out your move.

59. Look at the same side. Both life and ideals.


Oh, 60: Call him after you finish the reading.